Getting a Grip and Keeping it!

Blog Article by Rob Pearce, Response Consulting - 

Getting a Grip and Keeping It!

Street smart advice to help you get a grip on managing, communicating, leading and building deeper client relationships.

“Like many other people, my life in recent times has gone in a very different direction to the one that I had planned. Many challenges and disappointments but more importantly, many opportunities.

One of the biggest changes to affect me has been the move from face to face meetings to video calls; ‘Zooming’ has become part of my professional and personal dictionary.

One of my Zoom highlights has been participating in Motivation Mondays which are run every week by Jonathan Smith of Talk Business UK. Consequently at 9 o’clock every Monday morning I have listened for about half an hour to motivational speakers such as Michael Heppell, John Peters, Penny Mallory, and Royston Guest. I have benefitted from listening to all of these sessions but found the insights offered by John Peters to be particularly pertinent. He spoke specifically about coping in a time of crisis and stated that: ‘The important thing is not HOW you cope, but WHO you are in a crisis.’ I immediately reflected on this statement and thought of its wider implications to us individually as leaders. We are all leaders in our own unique way, whether we work as a sole trader, run a small SME or work in the corporate world.

Strong personal strength being demonstrated by WHO you are enables you to get a grip and keep it. 

There are numerous strength characteristics that support us as leaders; I thought to highlight five:

  • Being Optimistic sets the right tone and context for leading a team in a positive direction.
  • Maintaining a Persistent Approach when life gets tough and challenging is one attribute that enables a strong leader to stand out in a crowd.
  • Being Humorous makes life so much easier and oils the wheels of success.
  • Having an Enthusiastic approach enables a leader to be the flag bearer leading from the front.
  • Being Committed involves sticking with people, relationships and projects in a consistent way.

An overarching positive attribute of leaders is the ability to identify personal and professional weaknesses and build a team around you that compensates for those weaknesses. It’s great to be in a position where you can understand your strengths and weaknesses and set that within a positive personal growth orientated environment.

A helpful question to ask yourself is when, in the future, you reflect on your leadership, what do you want to be remembered for; the HOW you did it or WHO you were?” 

We would be happy to have an initial conversation if you would like to talk through some of the challenges and opportunities you are facing in these current circumstances.

Author: Rob Pearce, Managing Director - Response Consulting

Rob is driven by his passion for people and has always placed great belief in the value of 'emotional intelligence' in bringing out the best in people. This has been echoed in his success as a CEO, senior manager, non-executive director and consultant and is due in no small part to his warm and engaging manner. His success has been reinforced by his passion for delivering high quality and effective services.

Working for many years, mainly within the health and social care sector, Rob has built a broad yet refined level of experience in delivering sustainable and value based solutions in challenging environments. Rob now directs a team of experienced and qualified consultants within a boutique organisation offering operational auditing, process recommendation, change and procedural implementation and management, quality assurance, compliance, coaching and fund raising. His ethos is focused on getting your organisation from “Good to Great”.