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diary of business events from our Talk Business UK Members

Below is the diary of events being hosted by Members of Talk Business UK.

(These events are not affiliated to or endorsed by Talk Business UK)

John Cleary Photography 

From time to time I run events aimed at helping you and your business with photography related issues.

I do ‘face-to-face’ talks on “How to look great in photos” and online I have a one hour webinar showing you how to look your best on Zoom and also in selfies. If you need a good business portrait but a professional photo isn’t an option for you right now, these events might be just what you are looking for. Even if you have professional shots and just want to learn the secrets of how to take a really good selfie so that you can update your Instagram feed more often, you should come along to one of these events.

For more information about attending on elf these monthly webinars, visit ... John Cleary 

‘More Time, Less Stress – Easily Achieved in 5 Simple Steps’

After much encouragement from so many of you within my network, I’ve put together my knowledge on time saving techniques and create an accessible online course.
‘More Time, Less Stress – Easily Achieved in 5 Simple Steps’

The first course will be at the introductory price of £37. It includes tips and hints to ensure you are spending your time wisely and highlight how to start implementing changes to your habits in order to achieve that sought after – work/life balance. 

You will also have access to my private Facebook group, where I will share further ideas on how to put your new techniques into practice and stay motivated.

Any questions feel free to get in touch.

CLICK HERE for more information