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Clare Walkeden, a Marketing and Communications professional with over 20 years’ experience, in-house and freelance, has worked with charities, sport’s governing bodies, major live events, and has carried out large-scale re-brand projects; a backdrop that has consolidated for her that everything starts and ends with communication. 

A qualified developmental Coach, leaning into the wellbeing space, Clare uses a blended, not “one size fits all”, approach to Coaching. Clare leads with evidence-based techniques that get results, whilst helping clients to understand what wellbeing really means for them, how to access wellbeing and maintain it; a key combination that creates the momentum for the life and business they want.

A Unique Combination

Clare’s unique combination of skills as well as being a business owner herself, make her perfectly placed to work with ambitious business owners and organisational managers who are looking to clarify what they really want, what is stopping them getting to it and to build a platform for success from which they can confidently move forward.

A keen amateur endurance athlete, with several Ironman and Ultra Cycling events under her belt, Clare also loves to be outdoors and is passionate about bringing nature, movement, and outdoor spaces into her Coaching, for the all the benefits it brings in enhanced creativity, solutions thinking and wellbeing.

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