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Passionate About People Development!

Passionate about people development. We seek to create happy and productive workplaces through applying 3 simple approaches - Innovating Minds, Creating Change, Transforming Futures. Providing expertise to UK and international clients across 20 countries in: Africa, Central Asia. EU, SE Asia, South Asia, Middle East and North Africa. Our international project work has won awards for collaboration and creating impact. Specialisms in Learning & development: diversity & inclusion, soft skills, leadership, team cohesion, women's development programmes Specialisms in vocational and technical education & training: quality, inspection, teacher development, women's development programmes.

The Power of Play - Using Lego® Serious Play® to Build Stronger Organisations

Qualified Lego® Serious Play® (LSP) facilitators.LSP is an innovative, experimental process designed to enhance innovation and business performanceIn essence it is a facilitation process which opens up communication, eliminates hierarchies and generates ideas through ‘building’ and storytelling. LSP has a wide range of applications, however it is particularly powerful in Team Development, Innovation, Strategy.

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