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We create mentally healthy working environments to keep staff happy, healthy, engaged and productive. We offer a range of support to SMEs in the region, including 1:1 and group training, both virtually and face to face.

How can we help?

We can help your business to support wellbeing proactively to minimise risks arising from stress, mental ill health, poor motivation, performance, and absence. Many of our clients recognise that they need to do something around mental health but don't know where to start. They might be unsure of what their responsibilities are, and may lack confidence in such a sensitive, misunderstood topic.

Our support includes, but is not limited to:- 

  • Wellbeing strategy development.
  • Delivery of highly engaging workshops broadly in the areas of mental health, leadership upskilling, building resilience, managing stress & absence.
  • Vocational rehabilitation & absence management services to support staff to thrive at work who may be struggling with their physical / mental health.
  • Delivery of Mental Health First Aid training.
  • Leadership coaching in communicating effectively around mental health.

Lisa Whittleton MSc Occupational Psychology CDMP TAP.Cert
Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant & Specialist Trainer
Mental Health First Aid Instructor