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Lighting solutions plus has now entered its 4th year of trading, with over 40  years’ experience in the Lighting & Emergency lighting industry with leading UK Manufacturers, lighting solutions plus is able to deliver a lighting solution to meet most commercial  applications and requirements.  Led lighting represents a true opportunity to save energy, and reduce your carbon footprint , most commercial  led projects  will deliver a payback in under 3 years, with many projects 2 years and under.  No project too large or small.

Emergency lighting is something forgotten by many but I a legal requirement not just to have Emergency lighting installed to the correct illumination levels for your building  but you need to be sure it is tested and maintained  ensuring  your emergency lighting system meets the required levels 100% of the time. Lighting solutions plus can ensure your compliance and safety. If you require any further assistance please call us on 07588697790 or email us at the link above.