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What’s your current challenge?

Maybe you’re at your wits’ end, facing changes in your role or for your business that you’ve not faced before? Or you’re at a crossroads and don’t know which path to take?

Maybe you’re a business leader who wants a strategy for the future that you and your team can really buy into? And you’re looking for support with developing and implementing it?

Why Thorne Coaching?

As an experienced coach with a strategic mindset, I believe that every leader – and every business – deserves to be able to navigate change well, finding fresh perspective, clarity and direction for the longer term.

My engineering and commercial background have given me personal experience of the positive and negative impacts of change on leaders and the business, working as a senior-level manager running teams in a large, complex organisation. I’ve also worked on high-level strategy development and implementation.

I am passionate about helping you to find a way through the changes you are facing and to develop a strategy that's right for you, which won’t just sit on a shelf gathering dust.

I will work with you on a one-to-one basis to help you navigate change in your role or in your business. And I can also facilitate discussions and prompt fresh thinking with your leadership team to help you develop a credible and realistic high-level strategy.

What my clients say:

“I was able to keep performing through a very challenging period.  The coaching with Mike was key to processing experiences to find positives and maintain drive and energy.”

“The coaching sessions with Mike have had a significant impact on how I see my role and how I implement the vision I have for my organisation. As a new manager in the charity sector, this has given me confidence and the ability to build capabilities to be effective in my role. This involves not only strategic thinking or implementation but also how to manage conflicts.”

“I highly recommend Mike as a coach, he has extensive experience in developing strategy and management, which could broaden anyone's perspective on their personal and professional life.”