We always love to hear how our members are getting on and what they feel about being a part of Talk Business UK. 

It is a great pleasure to hear about the business that is being generated through being a member of the group too!

"I help people to become brilliant leaders through executive coaching and development. I joined Talk Business UK earlier this year, at the height of the pandemic, with the main objective of growing my local network and client base because all of my work was further afield. My membership has absolutely delivered on that front but what I never imagined I'd get was all of the insights, motivation, energy and friendships from my fellow members and their businesses. I'd especially recomend the Talk Business Local groups - the Warwick group has genuinely become my bunch of local business buddies and my biggest cheerleaders - I wouldn't be without them!"

by Anna Jester of Jester Consulting 

“I’m really pleased that I joined the Talk Business UK networking group as it has given some great opportunities to form productive relationships with high quality business owners in Warwickshire. It’s also really good value given the number of events that are held, and the business I’ve gained has already paid for the investment. Jon has an amazing network and is very happy to help you wherever he can. I would highly recommend the group to anyone that is looking to grow their business”. 

by Kevin Robinson, Business Coach, Chrysalis Partners

I joined Talk Business during the lockdown as a couple of the groups I had been a member of had just shut down!    Although it was conducted online I found it very professional and run with structure and an agenda and, apart from the fact I was sat at home in my office, it still felt like a normal networking meeting.

There are many things on offer in this group if you choose to use them. Monday Motivation and Wednesday Wellbeing just two of them. My local Warwick group is full of business people who want to do business and in the first month, my membership had paid for itself and then some.

I have met lots of great business individuals, albeit via zoom, and have been made to feel very welcome.   Business gets done, referrals are passed to each other and I believe all these people could be relied upon if you had a business problem. I cannot recommend this group highly enough.  

by Sandra Ashord, Footprint Social Media