How to attend a TALK Business UK virtual event...

Each of the events listed below is hosted on ZOOM. 

To attend one of these meetings, sessions or talks, please click on the event hyperlink you would like to attend and PRE-REGISTER on ZOOM.

To safeguard against any security breaches, we only allow those to attend who have pre registered and, on the day of the event, you will be admitted to the meeting via the host from the Zoom Waiting Room.

We take online security very seriously, and we ask you to be patient to be admitted to the event. Please log in to take part in good time to allow this process to take place - we usually open the event 15 minutes before the start time. Talk Business reserves the right to not permit entry if we cannot verify the attendee.

upcoming events, talks and sessions:

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Please remember to join the meetings via Zoom in good time to be checked in so that the meeting can start on time. 

Our thanks to the speakers who have agreed to take part in these virtual events and have supported us and our members.

For more information on our Speakers, please click below: