wellbeing wednesday 

Talk Business UK hosts a Wellbeing Wednesday each month, the premise of which is to provide an environment in which to learn, explore and develop tools and techniques to maintain positive wellbeing. 

Each month we'll explore a different topic under the broad umbrella of wellbeing, and facilitate an open discussion. You will have the opportunity to collaborate, connect with others, and share ideas within a safe, informal environment.

To attend one of these talks, please register at the link below. Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the session is due to start to enable us to allow you access to the event.

We look forward to seeing you there!

next session:
20 Oct  


Hosting a new series of monthly Wellbeing Wednesday sessions.
Free and Open to All to attend.

This month we'll be having an open conversation around the changes we are experiencing as the world begins to open up, thinking about how we are feeling, adapting and how we can best support ourselves.
As always, this is a collaborative session and we really hope to see you there.

New attendees are very welcome

Session leaders:
Clare Walkeden, Auburn Consulting & Coaching Ltd - www.auburnconsultancy.co.uk
Lisa Whittleton, Illuminate - www.illuminatevr.co.uk